The Best BBQ in Austin...thus far

At Mike’s work, there is a guy who places giant BBQ orders at some of Austin’s most exclusive and difficult to get in to BBQ places.  He takes orders from his coworkers and brings it to the office, so the need to wait in long lines are non existent.  A few weeks ago, we got to try La BBQ.  Mike and I drove to pick up our portion of the order and it smelled so good in the car!  I was really excited to try it.  So far, I would consider BigCat to be one of my favorite BBQ places in Austin, especially when we talk about turkey.  Things changed that day.  This turkey was moist, tender, and required no sauce.  The brisket literally melted in my mouth as I ate it.  The sausage was a chipotle sausage with a definite, delightful kick.  The only disappointment was that we didn’t order enough!  Originallly, I was skeptical about the BBQ order system, but I look forward to tasting and trying as many delicious places as possible and waiting to see which place I might crown the ultimate champion.