Dream Dinners: Chicken Parmesan

Now that its mid-April, I have finished eating all my March Dream Dinners meals, but I still need to catch up on blogging about them.  One meal we tried recently, was Chicken Parmesan.  We started off with some toasted ravioli and paired with a side salad.  I put this pan dish in the oven for 35 minutes at 400 degrees.  I uncovered it and topped with the Parmesan mix, baking an additional 20 minutes, until the top was brown and crispy.  We let it sit a few minutes before serving.  This chicken parm was pretty good.  I am picky, as Mike makes a pretty delicious chicken parm every year for Valentine’s Day.  This dish was tasty and definitely less work than Mike’s version.  While I enjoyed this one, I still love my special treat from my sweet heart each year.  We would make this again, but its not a replacement for Mike’s special dish.