Dream Dinners: Bacon Mac n Three Cheese Bake

In March, Dream Dinners had a ton of pan meals.  These are meals that are assembled in a pan and just get popped in the oven.  I was so busy in March, and these meals have been great.  The other great thing about the pan meals is that most of them can cook from frozen, so you don’t even have to remember to defrost them. These meals are especially great when I’m working in the evening because Mike is happy to just pop one in the oven and enjoy.  One of these meals that we really loved was the Bacon Mac N Three Cheese Bake.  I had a meeting or an event and Mike made dinner.  He started by baking the dish for 30 minutes at 350.  Next, he sprinkled the top with the crumb topping and baked it about 8-10 minutes until the top was golden brown.  We served our pasta bake with a side salad and dinner was ready.  I loved the flavors in this dish-bacon, cheese, and pasta.  The topping had a little kick to it, which matched the creamy pasta nicely.  I will definitely make sure to make doubles of this meal next time its on the menu!