Dream Dinners: Cheese Lovers Manicotti

Dream Dinners makes hectic nights much easier for our family.  Mike has been going to the office more frequently lately and by the time we get home after sitting in traffic, I am not always inspired to start a meal from scratch.  While I love to eat out, there are only so many nights a week I can do that.  We have gotten into a bit of a routine lately, where Mike and Lola will go for a walk while I get dinner going.  On Tuesday, our dinner was the Cheese Lovers Manicotti.  I preheated the oven and prepared the pan.  It cooked for 40 minutes with foil covering it.  Then, it cooked another 10 minutes without the foil.  I got ingredients ready for a side salad and decided to make an “after-tizer” of toasted raviolis.  This was a yummy meal.  It definitely would have taken longer for me to make this from scratch.  It was very simple, but tasty.  The pan meals are also nice because they can cook from frozen if needed.  This would also be a great meal to have a husband or older kiddo throw in the oven with great ease.  We are looking forward to finishing up our January meals this next week or so and finally getting to try out the February meals.