Dream Dinners: Turkey Florentine Burgers on Pretzel Buns with Beer Battered Sidewinders

The Olympics are one of my favorite sporting events to watch on tv, so I am really excited that they’ve finally started.  We are often busy so dinner doesn’t get started until later most nights.  Fortunately, many of my Dream Dinners meals cook pretty quickly so I can go straight from evening walk to cooking and eating to Olympic Prime Time.  On Friday, I was eager to watch the Opening Ceremonies and try the turkey burgers with sidewinders.  I started by preheating the oven and preparing my pan.  I cooked the sidewinders for 30 minutes to start and then an additional 10 minutes to really get crispy.  While the sidewinders were  cooking, I got started on the burgers.  I decided to pan fry my burgers so I heated up a skillet while I mixed together the turkey and seasoning mix.  I shaped the mixture into 3 patties and cooked them for 6 minutes on each side.  I put the mozzarella cheese on the burgers and let it melt while I lightly toasted the buns in the oven.  Everything was ready to go at the same time.  I put a little bit of the garlic chive mayo on the buns, added burgers, grabbed some sidewinders and dinner was served.  We really liked this meal.  The sidewinders were crispy and well seasoned.  They tasted great dipped in ranch or bbq sauce.  The burgers had great flavors melded together and topped on toasty, tasty pretzel buns.  The leftover burger was great for lunch the next day and I definitely had plenty of time to eat before the Olympics started.