Dream Dinners: Classic French Dip with Homemade Au Jus and Bacon Ranch Green Beans

Yesterday was a productive day.  I got organized for my new job and armed myself with ideas and questions for my boss.  I also weeded through and organized my closet, which is now ready for me to start filling with new spring clothes!  In addition, Lola got to take 2 walks and I rode my exercise bike.  A busy Sunday calls for help in the kitchen and I was thrilled that I had a Dream Dinners meal defrosted and ready to cook.  I was even more excited to find out that it would take less than 20 minutes to make everything!  I started by bringing my au jus to boil in a large sauté pan.  I added the roast beef slices into the sauce and simmered them about 3 minutes.  While the meat was cooking, I preheated the broiler to low and toasted the buns.  After toasting the buns, I added the cheese and popped it back into the oven to melt the cheese.  In a separate pan, I had my bacon and green beans cooking.  Once the cheese had melted, it was assembly time.  I squeezed a line of horseradish mayo on each bun and added a generous portion of meat.  We scooped up a side of green beans, portioned out some au jus, and dinner was ready.  This meal honestly took 20 minutes to prepare and it was delicious!  The Bacon Ranch Green Beans are my favorite-I love bacon and green beans and the seasoning is awesome.  We also loved the sandwiches.  I take after my mom and I always love a good french dip, but I never take the time to make them at home.  This was a restaurant quality sandwich made at home.  The beef, cheese and mayo combined with the toasted bun just melted in my mouth.  Add in the au jus and Mike and I were ready to fight over who got the leftover sandwich.  This was definitely a favorite meal in our house and amongst other staff and customers in our store.  I can’t wait for this meal to show up on the menu again!