Dream Dinners: Steak Salsa Verde

Not only does Dream Dinners make my life easier, but it also makes life easier for Mike.  On nights when I have to work, I know that I can pull out a meal that is easy for him to cook.  The other night he made Steak Salsa Verde, which we turned into steak tacos.  He preheated the grill pan on the stove top and grilled the steaks for 3-4 minutes on each side.   After massaging the bag of salsa verde, Mike put some on each steak and cooked it a little bit longer.  He let them set for a few minutes and cut them into strips.  Combined with rice and cheese, the steak tasted fantastic on our favorite HEB tortillas.  We really enjoyed these tacos.  Good quality, well seasoned steak combined with some of our favorite household staples made for a delicious dinner.  I am so glad that we have Dream Dinners in our life and that we have the option to alter some of the recipes to make them perfect for our family.