Way back in October, Mike and I spent an afternoon at the Domain.  We saw a movie, ran some errands and decided to try a new (to us) restaurant while we were there.  It’s hard to say “no” to Tex Mex food, so we gave Cyclone Anaya’s a try.  It was a pretty fun vibe with a little bit of a wait on a Sunday afternoon.  We ordered food and enjoyed some people watching.  Our biggest complaint about the restaurant was the volume!  They were playing some great music, had several TVs with various sporting events going, but it was so loud.  Mike and I could barely hear each other and many of the tables seemed to be shouting to hear each other.


When our food arrived, we quickly realized the error in our ways.  The portions were huge!  After popcorn at the movie, we definitely did not need this much food!  My tacos al carbon were delicious and had I not been walking all over the Domain, I would have gladly taken some leftovers for dinner.  Mike enjoyed his tamales, which happened to be smothered in cheese.  Overall, we felt that the food was great, but the atmosphere was a little much for our laid back vibe.  We would likely go back, but not with friends or family if we wanted to have a conversation.