Pin a Day: Super Soft Sprinkle Pudding Cookies

Trivia nights usually equal baking days and yesterday was no different.  The last treat I made for trivia night was delicious, but melty.  I decided I needed to make something that was less likely to melt for this week.  Of course, this week was a chilly 82 degrees. :) I opted to try these Super Soft Sprinkle Pudding Cookies.   They sounded simple, tasty, and less likely to melt.  I started by preheating my oven to 350 and softening some butter.  I mixed together the butter and sugar.  Next, I added in eggs, vanilla, salt, and baking soda.  The pudding mix was added next and then the flour.  Finally, I added in the sprinkles, scooped them out, and lined them on my cookie sheets.  They baked for 8 minutes and were lightly browned.  I might consider baking them 7 minutes next time to give them a lighter color.  I let them set on the cookie sheets for 3 minutes before moving them to my cooling racks.  I packed them up and they were ready for trivia.  We had a full team last night and the cookies barely had a chance to leave our table as we devoured them.  They were light, soft, and not overly rich- a perfect summer time cookie.  Mike and I brainstormed using different flavor puddings and add ins to create a variety of different cookie flavors, as the base recipe was pretty simple to follow.  I'm glad I found this recipe and will definitely be making it or a variation again.