Dream Dinners: Southwest Pork Carnita Wraps and Key Lime Corn

My new job has been keeping us well fed!  I have assembled meals in the store twice and have cooked several different meals at home.  I love that the meals cook quickly and give us a variety without having to buy ingredients 50 million new ingredients.  Last night, we tried the Southwest Pork Carnita Wraps and I added a side of Key Lime Corn.  We had made the Key Lime Corn before, so we new it was tasty.  I started off by bringing rice and water to a boil and boiling it for 20 minutes.  Next, I added the pork mixture to another pot and simmered it about 20 minutes.  At the very end of the cook time, I cooked the Key Lime Corn in a skillet for about 5 minutes and we were ready to go.  In each wrap, we had a tortilla, rice, pork mixture, and cheese blend.  This was another simple, yet yummy meal.  The pork had a slightly spicy and smoky flavor, which paired nicely with the sweet and tangy Key Lime Corn.  This meal also provided plenty of leftovers.  Mike had some for lunch and there is still enough leftover for at least one more wrap.  The pork would also be tasty on chips as nachos.  I love trying the new meals and being able to give tips to my customers, as well as enjoying them with Mike.