Blue Apron: Fresh Basil Fettuccine with Sweet Corn and Cabanelle Pepper

Last night, we made our final Blue Apron meal.  There were a couple of reasons for this decision, but the main reason is that I got a job with a competing company.  At the end of June, I started working for a company called Dream Dinners and this week I will make my first set of meals with them.  I definitely didn't need two meal services, as I do like to cook from scratch and go out to eat, as well.  We were not disappointed with the final meal and it definitely inspired me to make pasta with a variety of different vegetables.  While I started a pot of water boiling, Mike worked on getting the produce ready.  First, I cooked the tomatoes in oil with some seasoning (I ran out of pepper, so I grabbed some random seasoning out of the pantry), cooking them for 2 minutes and setting them aside.  Next, I cooked the pepper for about 2 minutes and added in the corn, cooking it another 3 minutes.  When the corn and pepper finished cooking, I added them to the tomatoes and set the veggies aside.  I cooked the pasta for 3 minutes, separating the strands, and draining it.  Then, it was time to make the spinach.  I drizzled the pan with oil, added spinach, garlic, and red pepper flakes, cooking until the spinach was wilted.  To the spinach, I added pasta, cooked veggies, and half the pasta water.  I cooked that about a minute and then turned off the heat.  I added in the creme fraiche, half the basil, and a drizzle of olive oil.  We plated the pasta, garnishing it with more basil and parmesan cheese.  This was a nice light meal on a hot Texas night.  I enjoyed the special pasta and the various veggies and plan to keep that in mind when I am doing my menu planning and groccery shopping this summer.  I think Blue Apron got us out of our comfort zone and taught us to try new things.  I plan on hitting up some farmer's markets and trying out new ingredients in the future.