Cheeseburgers on the Patio

Yesterday was Sunday Funday.  Lola and I started the day off with a long walk, which then required a long shower for me!  We hadn't been to the grocery store in a bit and with the Blue Apron recipes we haven't had as many leftovers, so we knew we'd head out somewhere for lunch.  We have so many great places nearby that choosing is sometimes hard.  I was playing around on Facebook and saw that Whitestone Brewery had a food vender, Duane's Damn Good Burgers, that we hadn't tried yet, so we headed over right after they opened.   Duane was still setting up when we arrived so we started with a beer and caught up with Kevin, a beer tender, at Whitestone.  Duane came in from the patio to let us know that the grill was ready and we could order.  He described all of our options.  In the end, I topped my burger with bacon, cheese, onions, ketchup and mustard.  Mike skipped the onions and mustard.  The burgers came with a small bag of chips.  We sat back at the bar while the burgers cooked.  Normally we might hang out on the patio, but we didn't have Lola so we took the opportunity to sit at the bar.  Duane brought the burgers in after a few minutes and we were ready to enjoy.  The burgers were awesome.  They were cooked to perfection-not too overdone and juicy.  The bacon was extra delicious too.  An added bonus was that the bun was lightly toasted.  We really liked these burgers and next time Duane is at Whitestone, we will have a hard time not going up for more burgers, hotdogs, or cheesesteaks.  Burgers and brews are both great parts of summer and a lazy Sunday!