We All Eat at the Planet Submarine...

Sunday was a family fun day for us.  We slept in, had donuts, and went to the park for a long walk on the trails.  We were hot and sweaty and didn't feel like cooking.  I wanted something light and couldn't decide what sandwich place to go to.  Mike had the great idea to try Planet Subs.  We had seen them while on another adventure and meant to give them a look.  We prescreened the menu and had a hard time trying to decide which sandwich to eat.  In the end, I picked the Creamy Turkey Club and Mike ordered the buffalo chicken sandwich.  It took a few minutes for them to make our sandwiches and then we were ready to eat.  My Creamy Turkey Club consisted of turkey, bacon, a tomato, sprouts, and cream cheese on toasted bread.  It was delightful!  The cream cheese took the place of cheese and condiments and was so good.  I will be keeping this in mind for future sandwiches at home, too!  Mike's buffalo chicken sandwich had great flavor and came with a side of ranch for dipping.  They also had taps of local beers inside.  We didn't partake this time, but it was a cool idea.  Overall, we were happy with our sandwiches and intrigued by some of the other options.  We will definitely return to try them out!