It's Time to Eat the Donuts!

I've been really hungry for donuts lately, but too lazy to drive to any to my favorite donut shop.  Fortunately, I found one that is even closer and just as delightful.   Vista Donuts is located on Vista Ridge in Cedar Park and happens to be in the same shopping center as a great pizza place and my new favorite ice cream place, Scoop and Score.  Yesterday was a pretty cool morning, so Lola and I slept in a little bit before heading out for our walk.  After our walk, she ate and went to snuggle with her dad while I got the donuts.  Mike is a little particular about his favorite type of donut, so I panicked a little bit when I got there.  They sold out of the chocolate iced cake donuts.  While I was texting him, the sweet lady behind the counter helped me decide.  I like a variety, so I went with 6 different options.   I picked a blueberry cake, a strawberry iced with sprinkles, a cinnamon sugar, a maple iced, an apple fritter, and a chocolate iced custard filled.  I also got 6 chocolate iced donuts.  I texted Mike when I left and he had coffee ready to enjoy with our donuts.  We didn't eat all 12 donuts, but we did try several.  I think our favorites so far have been the apple fritter and the blueberry cake donut.  The apple fritter was huge and full of apples and cinnamon goo.  The blueberry donut was soft and tasty.  This morning I enjoyed some more donuts and there are still more left for a snack or tomorrow's breakfast.  I am so excited to have found a donut shop that is close with such friendly workers.  I may have found my new Thanksgiving donut shop!