Pin a Day: Tomato Basil Chicken

I am always looking for new healthy recipes for two.  So many of the recipes I make provide us with many leftovers.  Sometimes its nice to have smaller meals.  Last week I made this Tomato Basil Chicken.   I was happy to try a new recipe that was healthy, easy, and smaller.  We had just gone on our nightly walk and then I started on dinner.  I started a pot of water boiling for a side of pasta and got a salad put together.  I seasoned two chicken breasts with salt and pepper and got the vegetable oil to heat up in the pan.  I added in the chicken breasts and cooked it about 5 minutes on each side to start. I cooked until the chicken breast was done, but not overdone.  Next, I added in the halved cherry tomatoes and fresh basil.  Finally, I added in cold butter, minced garlic, and more salt and pepper to make the sauce.  I allowed it to cook until the butter was completely melted.


I put each chicken breast on a bed of pasta, covered with the sauce, and garnished with Parmesan cheese.  Add in a side salad and a bit of wine and you have the perfect meal for two.  Other than the butter, this was a really healthy meal and you could probably reduce the amount of butter in the recipe.  We really like the fresh flavors and the well seasoned chicken.  This was definitely the perfect meal for two!