Pin a Day: Triple Vanilla Blondies

Trivia and baking seem to go hand in hand lately.  As the crowd for trivia has been growing, I have a new audience to share my treats.  Little did I know that this past week, there would be 12 teams!  I definitely did not have enough treats to share, so I tried to share with the other regulars, the quiz master, and our favorite beer tenders.  We also had luck and came in 1st place this week, so maybe the treats were just what we needed!  This week, I tried Triple Vanilla Blondies.  I knew that the blondies would be easy to transport to trivia and I hoped they wouldn't be too messy.  


I started by preparing the pan and preheating the oven.    Next, I melted the white chocolate chips and butter on the stovetop, being careful not to scorch them.  Once melted, I removed them from the heat and allowed the mixture to cool.  When the mixture had cooled, I stirred in flour, sugar, vanilla, and eggs until well blended.   I spread the mixture in my prepared pan and cooked for 25 minutes.  I let the blondies cool for a bit and then started on the glaze.  I mixed together powdered sugar, vanilla, butter, almond extract and milk.  I spread the glaze on the blondies and the popped them in the fridge to allow the glaze to set.  Before we left for trivia, I cut the blondies and sampled one.  They were delicious.  There was no doubt about all the great vanilla flavor.  They were a big hit at trivia too-I definitely ran out of blondies before I made it to all the teams.  This was a great treat to share with a crowd and an excellent option if you have some non-chocolate lovers in your life.