Dream Dinners: Honey Pecan Pork Tenderloin with Cranberry Applesauce

We are behind on our November meals and I just assembled December’s meals today.  For the next several meals, it will be Dream Dinners, leftovers, or out.   The pork tenderloins that we make are always tasty and this was no exception.  I preheated the oven and got my pan ready.  I also determined that I would use the leftover sides from the other night and save myself time and fridge space.  First, I added the pecans to the crumb mixture.  I used tongs to remove the pork from the marinade and place it on my baking sheet.  Next, I packed the crumb mixture on top of the tenderloin.  I put the tenderloin to bake for 35 minutes on the bottom rack in the oven.  While the pork was cooking, I brought the cranberry applesauce to a boil and then let it simmer for about 25 minutes.  After the pork cooked, I let it rest for a few minutes before Mike sliced it.  That gave me time to heat up the sides and set the table.  We served the sauce on top of the pork with sides of rice and gingered carrots.  Everything was so good!  The pork was cooked perfectly and the sauce tasted like fall.  Hopefully, this item is back on the menu in the future because it was a hit for us.