Dream Dinners: Chicken Marsala with Mushrooms and Mashed Potatoes

Thank Goodness for Dream Dinners!  Last night, I was tired of leftovers and too tired to go out, so I was happy to have a meal that was quick and easy to make for dinner.  I definitely made modifications to this meal by leaving out the mushrooms and adding a side of my delicious green bean casserole (ok, 1 leftover).  I started by heating up some oil in a skillet and cooked the chicken breasts for 2 minutes on each side.  To the chicken, I added the onion mixture, reducing the heat, and cooking it about 5-6 minutes until the onions were soft.  While this was cooking, I put the mashed potatoes in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring frequently.  Next, I added the Marsala sauce to the chicken mix and stirred to blend, allowing it to simmer 5-6 minutes.  Once the chicken was done, I removed it from the heat and stirred in some culinary cream.  We served the chicken over the potatoes with a side of green bean casserole.  My green bean casserole has a jalapeno kick, so the creamy chicken and mashed potatoes were a great addition.  Mike was not as impressed as I was, but I really liked it.  The chicken was cooked perfectly without being dry and I enjoyed the flavors in the sauce. Once again, Dream Dinners saved the day!