An Afternoon Sprinkle

On Saturday afternoon, we headed to the Domain to run a few errands and get a little exercise.  I bought a new pair of tennis shoes to replace the shoes that I had worn out during my walks with Lola.  Next, we headed to the newer part of the Domain to hit Sephora so I could exchange some makeup.  It was quite walk between the different parts of the Domain and we worked up a little bit of an appetite and it was coffee o’clock, so we decided to get a snack at Sprinkles.  This was the first time we had seen it open, so we definitely wanted to give it a try.  I am pretty picky when it comes to cupcakes and honestly don’t care for most cupcakes from bakeries.  There were lots of delicious sounding cupcakes, ice cream, shakes, and coffee drinks to browse.  Eventually, I settled on a pumpkin cupcake with a vanilla latte and Mike picked a dark chocolate banana cupcake with an americano.  Our cupcakes and drinks arrived quickly and we enjoyed them outside.  The cupcakes were moist, flavorful, and appropriately sized.  The pumpkin cupcake had a cinnamon cream cheese that paired nicely with the cake.  The banana cupcake had a rich dark chocolate frosting.  Both cupcakes were topped with the signature Sprinkles logo.  The coffees were good, too.  Sitting outside gave us excellent people watching.  There is such a wide variety of interesting people at the Domain and we got to see the whole array during our snack.  We definitely enjoyed our snack and look forward to trying more flavors or even trying out the cupcake ATM.