Dream Dinners: Mini Chicken Pot Pies

Last night, I made a really yummy meal from Dream Dinners. We had been prewarned that this recipe might be a little bit on the frustrating side, but I had no problems and the results were delightful.  This recipe instructed me not to defrost ahead of time.  Right before cooking, I pulled the pastry squares out, separated them, and let them thaw on foil for 15 minutes.  I preheated the oven to 375 and heated up some oil in a skillet.  I added my chicken and veggies to the skillet, breaking it up and letting it thaw.  I ran the Alfredo sauce bag under hot water to loosen it and added it to the chicken, allowing it to simmer about 7 minutes, until it was completely thawed.  I sprayed the muffin tin with cooking spray and press the pastry squares into the muffin cups.  Next, I put about 1/4 cup of the chicken mixture into each pastry cup, pinching together the top.  I baked the pot pies for 20 minutes and let them sit for 5 minutes after cooking.  They were beautiful looking with their golden brown pastry.  Even after waiting, they were still quite hot when we removed them from the pan.  The best part was biting into the pot pies due to  the well seasoned, warm chicken, veggies, and sauce combined with the tender flaky pastry square.  Served with a side salad, this was an excellent meal.  I can’t wait until this shows up on the menu again, it was really good and not nearly as frustrating as I thought.