Pin a Day: Reese's Peanut Butter Cupcakes

Each year I ask Mike what birthday treat he might like, and I always get one of two answers.  He either doesn't care or he wants something that may be a little bit more difficult than what I normally do.  This year was no different and he gave me no guidance.  We ended up getting quite full at dinner, so not having a birthday treat was ok.  I still felt like he needed a treat, so I headed to my Pinterest boards and searched for something that might be similar to a favorite recipe that I misplaced.  These Reese's Peanut Butter Cupcakes sounded perfect.  After starting the process, I was also glad I hadn't cleaned my kitchen because I created quite a mess with cocoa powder.  I started by mixing the dry ingredients in a bowl, which I set aside. In my stand mixer, I combined the butter and sugar until it was nice and fluffy.  Next, I added in the eggs one at a time and the vanilla.  Next, I rotated adding the dry mix and sour cream, mixing and scraping the bowl between each addition.  Next, I added in some mini Reese's peanut butter cups into the batter.  I divided the batter amongst baking cups and baked them for about 17 minutes.  I did 1 and 1/2 batches, which made just over 2 dozen cupcakes.  I was glad to have extras to share with Mike's friend from work and a few for our favorite beer tender.  While the cupcakes were cooling, I got to work on the frosting.  I mixed together peanut butter and butter.  Then, I added in powdered sugar and milk until I reached the ideal consistency.  I only made a single batch of frosting because we don't like our cupcakes over frosted.  Once the cupcakes were cooled, I frosted them and topped each with 1/2 of a small Reese's cup.  The results were amazing.  The cupcakes were rich and chocolatey.  The are a bit dense, almost being more of a brownie cup consistency rather than a true cupcake.  The frosting was sweet, but understated.  Overall, I was very pleased and delighted that they paired nicely with milk, hot chocolate, and coffee.  These were a great belated birthday treat for Mike and would be a hit with any chocolate/peanut butter lover.