Pin a Day: Healthy Chicken Lo Mein

After a hunt for a few ingredients that Target was missing, I finally tried a new recipe last night.  Even HEB didn't have the ingredient I was searching for, but I found a suitable substitution.  We love Asian food and try to eat a little healthier during the week, so I decided to make Healthy Chicken Lo Mein.   Unfortunately, the ingredient I couldn't find was essential to making a little bit healthier.  I had a hard time finding the correct noodles, so I just used some regular lo mein noodles.  In the future, I might try World Market or an Asian market to find a healthier noodle option.  I may even consider making some zucchini noodles.  This recipe was pretty simple, fairly healthy, and yielded delicious results.  I started by making the sauce.  I wisked together soy sauce, BBQ sauce, sesame oil, garlic, brown sugar, and. cornstarch.  I set that aside and started working on the noodles.  I started some water boiling and boiled my lo mein noodles about 6 minutes.  When they were done, I drained them and ran them under cold water.  I set those aside and let them dry, as much as possible.  Next, I started chopping up my veggies, which included green onions, a red pepper, and celery.  I sliced my chicken thin and then got some vegetable oil cooking.  I added the chicken to the vegetable oil and cooked it through.  I removed the chicken from the pan and set it aside.  Next, I cooked the veggies about 3 minutes or until tender.  I added the chicken, noodles, and sauce back to the pan.  I cooked it a few minutes to allow all the flavors to mingle.  Finally, it was ready to eat.  The flavor was great and we both enjoyed this dish.  Aside from the celery and noodles, all the ingredients are things I usually have on hand, so this could be easily made most days.  I could definitely see adding in additional vegetables or using other meats, as well.  This was a great basic recipe that provided us with a delicious meal and plenty of leftovers.