Slice of Life

This Saturday, after a day of errands, all we wanted to do was stay at home and snuggle with our sick puppers.  We had leftovers and freezer food, but nothing was really appealing to me.  For a rare change, I was the one who suggested pizza.  Mike is always down for pizza so we decided to try Local Slice Pizza.  We had heard good things about them and bonus, they delivered.  After debating the menu, we ended up picking a Hawaiian pizza, with sliced pork belly and pineapples.  The customer service rep was very friendly on the phone and let us know our pizza would arrive in about 40 minutes.  The delivery guy was nice too, and arrived earlier than expected.  It was a solid pizza.  Great flavors, good thickness of the crust, and large slices.  I think I ate 2 and Mike finished 3, leaving us with a couple of leftovers.  The pizza also held up overnight and was great cold for lunch the next day.  I am eager to try more of their pizzas and possibly even the garlic knots on a day I'm a little bit hungrier.  I have a feeling this will become one of our go to take out places.