Pin a Day: Turkey Stuffed Peppers

In my free time and my quest to eat a little bit healthier, I tried a new recipe this week for Turkey Stuffed Peppers.   My mom will probably laugh a bit that I actually tried and liked this recipe, as I hated stuffed peppers when I was a kid.  I am sure that this recipe is pretty close to the one she used in the past, but my tastes have definitely changed.  One key difference in our recipes is the pepper.  Mom always used green peppers and I used red peppers.  I don't know why this makes a difference, but I love red peppers and for whatever reason, I don't like the green ones as much.  First, I preheated my oven, prepped my peppers and got the rice started.  Next, I sautéed some onion and garlic and then added my ground turkey and seasonings.  Once the meat was cooked, I added some tomato sauce and chicken broth and let that simmer.  I mixed that with the rice and then stuffed the peppers.  I put a bit of shredded cheese on each pepper and poured some chicken broth in the pan.  I covered the pan with aluminum foil.  I baked them about 40 minutes and pulled them out when I could smell them.  The peppers were quite tasty.  We each had a 1/2 pepper with some salad.  I made 3 peppers total cut in 6 halves, but I had enough stuffing for more.  We plan on using the stuffing for tacos or nachos.  The only thing I would really change about this recipe is that I might add some more spices, as it seemed a little bland for my taste.  Otherwise, this recipe was great and a healthy way to have a Tex Mex dish.