Pin a Day: Perfect Blondies

Back before we went on vacation, I made a special treat for my work pals.  We had been out celebrating our 1st date anniversary and when we got home, it was time for boozy baking.  I was feeling good and decided to make a recipe called Perfect Blondies.   I started by gathering all my ingredients, reading the recipe and preheating the oven.  I prepped my pan by lining it with parchment paper for ease of cleaning.  Next, I mixed together my butter and sugars.  Then, I added in the vanilla and eggs, beating until smooth.  I mixed in the dry ingredients, but I wasn't quite done.  Finally, I added in some white chocolate chips and poured the mixture into the pan.  The Blondies baked about 30 minutes and cooled before I cut them.  Boozy baking seems to suit me because these were excellent.  They were rich, chewy and flavorful.  I took in a nearly full pan to work and they were all gone by the end of the evening.  This was a simple, tasty recipe that I'm sure I'll make again.