Pin a Day: Chicken Caesar Tortellini

On Saturday evening, I was headed out to hang out with some friends.  I wanted to make dinner before I left, so I had planned on making this Chicken Caesar Tortellini.   I bought the ingredients, but I did not read the recipe in advance.  As I was getting ready to cook, I realized that I would not have time to marinate the chicken, so I just created my own version of the recipe.  I grilled the chicken for about 7 minutes on each side in a lightly oiled grill pan.  While the chicken was grilling, I boiled water and cooked my tortellini.  I let the chicken cool before cutting it into pieces.  I added the chicken to the tortellini.  I poured some Caesar dressing on and mixed it all together.  It tasted great and was a quick dinner option.  I may try this again by following the actual directions, but my substitute wasn't too bad.