Tacos and Trivia

For today's post, we find ourselves back at good old Whitestone Brewery.  Each Wednesday for a while now, they have been hosting trivia on Wednesdays through a group called Geeks Who Drink.  Working evenings meant that this was not a possibility for us.  Now that I have a more open schedule, we decided to give it a shot.  We were a little worried on how we might do, given that we were a two player team against several other teams that had up to six team members, but we were assured by the host that we would be fine.   


Before trivia started at promptly 7:00, we ordered a few beers in our Oktoberfest mugs and took some time to check out that night's featured food truck.  This week the food was from Taco Time, a food truck we hadn't tried yet.  We decided to split some nachos and got a few tacos too.  I picked the beef fajita and it was delicious.  The meat was well seasoned and tender.  Mike ordered a beef fajita taco and a chicken fajita taco.  The chicken was just as good as the beef and equally delicious.   


Our food was ready right as trivia was ready to start so we were on our way.  There were 8 rounds including a visual round that had us identifying and matching pictures.  In between each round, music was playing and there were bonus questions.  We almost felt like the trivia was tailored to us, with several midwest/Missouri questions popping up in the mix.  After a few rounds, we were excited to be in 2nd place, but were not convinced that we would remain there, as it was just the two of us.  Each round we continued to feel pretty confident with our results, and we ended the evening in 2nd place.  Not bad for just the two of us in our first match.  We even won a free beer!  We will definitely be back for more trivia, beer, and tacos and next time we hope to bring some friends.