Pin a Day: Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Shells

Last week, I didn't cook as much as I should, but it's hot here and I don't love cooking as much when it's hot.  One of the few things I made last week was these Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Shells.  I'm going to honestly say that these were a pain to make, but they certainly were delicious.  First, as I was getting ready to boil the shells, I noticed that many of them were broken.  It's hard to make a stuff pasta when you don't have anything to stuff.  So, I pulled out the best shells and cooked only those.  Cooking the chicken was easy, but I might try cooking the breasts whole in the future and then shredding them so the chicken is more uniform in size.  Mixing the cheesy, buffalo mixture was not a problem either.  Finally, I got to the tough step, stuffing the shells.  I didn't really have enough shells for all the mixture so I was stuffing them pretty full.  They were also hot to the touch so I had to go quickly and at the end some of them were starting to close up.  I was highly frustrated by the time I finished and put them in the oven.  I told Mike I hoped they weren't very good because I wasn't making them again.  Of course, they were delicious.  All the great buffalo chicken flavor packed into a shell.  Mike started brainstorming ways to make it again, but easier, including  different types of pasta.  In the end, I agreed to try it again with modifications.  However, I must warn, only cook this when you are wearing your best patient pants.