A Pin a Day: Pink Lemonade Margaritas

A few weekends ago, I was in the mood for a new drink, so I took inspiration from these pink lemonade margaritas.  I did change it up by using Triple Sec instead of Gran Marnier because that's what I had at home.  The biggest downside was that there was so much liquid after I mixed it in the blender pitcher that I couldn't add ice.  So, I poured it in a bigger bowl and put ice in the blender.  Then, I added the lemonade mix and blended.  The margaritas were great and it made about 2.5 pitchers.  I definitely enjoyed the sweetness of the pink lemonade mixed with the delicious flavor of a margarita.  One of the biggest challenges was finding a frozen can of pink lemonade concentrate.  This is definitely a great summer time drink that will be repeated in our house.