Melt with You

About 2 weeks ago, we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.  We tried coming up with a new place to go, but nothing seemed quite right, so we opted for a place we've been for a few other anniversaries, the Melting Pot.  Reservations were easily made on my phone the day before and it was conveniently located on the way home from Mike's work.  We love Melting Pot because it allows us to spend plenty of time together in a romantic environment.  Its also neat that the menu is constantly changing.  We go all out and get the 4 course meal because its a special occasion.  We started with drinks and the cheese course.  Mike's drink was really good and I ordered a sangria, that was way stronger than I prefer.  We selected a garlic cheese that was part of a seasonal menu that was on its way out.  It was delicious as usual, and paired nicely with the carrots, apples, and bread chunks.  We selected caesar salads for the salad course because we love the little crunchy bits on them.  For the meat course, we chose the teriyaki beef and potstickers in the coq au vin broth.  I love all the dipping sauces that are included with the meat course.  The whole meal was amazing and we always start to get too full during the meat course, but always push through to the chocolate phase of the meal.  We wanted to order a dark chocolate orange fondue, but they were out so we went with a standard favorite of s'mores.  I was excited to see that they added blondies to the dessert dippers.  During dessert, we were also brought glasses of champagne to finish up our celebration.  It was an amazing meal and a fantastic way to celebrate our memorable wedding and 4 amazing years together.  We will definitely be back to celebrate another anniversary!