New Girl

Who's that girl?  Its Zoe.  This past Saturday we went to a new place right by our house called Zoe's Kitchen.  I may have referred to it as the Greek Bread Co.  Its seriously amazing.  We have now visited a second time before I had a chance to blog about our visit, so you know its yummy.  For our first visit, we arrived and it was pretty crowded.  Mike had pre-screened the menu so he had an idea of what he wanted.  I went in and let my stomach do the deciding.  Mike ordered the grilled pimento cheese sandwich with a side of potato salad.  I selected the club pita with a side of marinated slaw.  We sat and waited for a bit, but we understood because it was really crowded.  It was definitely worth the wait.  Our food was awesome.  Mike's sandwich was so good and I almost didn't notice that it was on rye bread because the cheese was so good.  The potato salad was excellent too.  It was made with baby red potatoes and best of all no mayonnaise.  My club pita was tasty too.  The pita itself was great and everything tasted really fresh.  I also loved the marinated slaw, which was marinated in a Greek dressing and had green onions and feta cheese in it.  We really loved our lunch and knew we'd be back.  Fast forward to today... I went and got a pedicure at the salon right next to Zoe's.  It was 12:30 when I was leaving and asked Mike what I could get him for lunch.  His answer was Zoe's.  This time he tried the Greek pita with potato salad and I got the turkey pita with pasta salad.  Mike loved his food again and so did I.  My pita had turkey and the marinated slaw on it so it was amazing.  The pasta salad was almost a combination of pasta salad and caprese salad.  It had pasta shells, fresh basil, tomatoes, feta cheese and Greek dressing.  Once again, no mayonnaise.  We love Zoe's and it has such a varied menu that we could go several times this week and not be sick of it.