A Pin a Day: Tex Mex Margarita Chicken Salad

After all of our various vacations, the plan is to start eating a little bit healthier.  I know that I have to ease Mike into this way of thinking by finding foods that are good for you, but also very tasty.  This Tex Mex Margarita Chicken Salad fits the requirements.  I always love a good salad, especially in summer time when it gets super hot.  The only major prep work on this recipe was to marinate the chicken over night in the margarita mix.  The next day when we were ready for dinner, Mike grilled up the chicken while I got all the components ready.  We had black beans, canned corn, diced onions and tomatoes, shredded cheddar and tortilla chips.  Avocado is another option, but we aren't fans.  For the dressing we used a southwest ranch, but next time I will probably look for a lime vinaigrette.  The chicken was really good-moist and tender.  I have a feeling we will be using the marinade recipe for more than just salad.  This was a delicious salad that fit my need to eat a little healthier and it was tasty enough for Mike.  Happy summer!