A Pin a Day: Uncle Bob's Fresh Apple Cake

This weekend we had some friends over and Mike volunteered me to make dessert.  (I never really need to be volunteered, if there's an occasion, I'm making dessert!) I decided to try something new with Uncle Bob's Fresh Apple Cake.  It was a Paula Deen recipe so I knew I was in good hands.  I also got to make use of my Bundt pan, which I hadn't tried out yet.  With baking, I try to follow directions as carefully as possible, but I did have to make a substitution.  I ran out of vegetable oil so I had to use some olive oil as a replacement.  The prep for the cake took a long time and it was another hour and a half to bake.  This definitely isn't a recipe to make if you are short on time.  Once the cake was finished, I had to let it cool completely before I could take it out of the pan and put the glaze on.  Even though I greased the pan, the cake was still pretty hard to get out of the pan.  I managed to get it out finally and did have to place some chunks on top of the full cake.  Some of the areas that stuck had lots of apple chunks, so that my have been the problem.  I was also a little sad to see that I had scraped up my pan a bit trying to get the cake out.  I drizzled the glaze on the cake, making sure to cover the less than perfect spots first.  The glaze was really good with the addition of honey.  I was a fan of the cake and I think our guests liked it too.  It did make a full size cake so this is not something I'd make for just the two of us.  However, I have enjoyed having apple cake for breakfast this week.  Its a fruit so that makes it okay, right?