A Pin a Day: Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Chili

It was another Sunday and another crockpot day.  This time, I selected Crockpot Chicken Chili.  Once again, we love buffalo chicken, chili, and I get tired of the same old recipes.  We have a pretty good routine when it comes to crockpot meals, where I do the mixing and most of the prep and I have Mike do all the chopping.  (Its safer that way!)  I changed up the recipe a little by using thawed chicken breasts instead of frozen and I cooked it about 4-6 hours instead of 8-10.  It smelled delicious as it cooked all day and we were excited to try it.  It was really good and we served it with oyster crackers and cheese.  It was a great meal with plenty of leftovers.  I like things kicked up a notch, so next time I may add a little more buffalo sauce so its a bit spicier, but otherwise, a great meal.