Aloha Kona!

Last weekend, we headed out to the Domain to see the Lego movie and do some light shopping.  We decided to hit a new spot for dinner after the movie.  The movie was awesome and did not disappoint.  I couldn't find anything to buy while shopping, meaning I'm probably being picky.  Dinner at Kona Grill, however, was just meh.  We made reservations through Open Table and Yelp, which is incredibly easy to do from your phone.  We showed up a little bit early and not super hungry after munching on popcorn and candy at the movies. (How can you not?)  They got us seated right away and we pondered over the menu.  It was largely Asian and Hawaiian inspired with lots of fish and sushi dishes.  I don't eat my friends from the sea, so I ordered the pad thai.  Mike opted for the mahi mahi and an order of crab sushi.  My food was fine with the perfect level of spice to it and Mike liked his mahi mahi.  The sushi was nasty looking- the crab was deep fried and looked like bugs.  This may be what its supposed to look like, but it grossed me out.  While edible, our food was just okay, so likely we will not return.  It may have just been poor choosing on our part, which we understand, but we were underwhelmed.