Vacation-All I Ever Wanted

In October, Mike and I took a weekend vacation to Lakeway Spa and Resort in Lake Travis.  I knew I couldn't take any more weekends off from my job until after the holidays and we wanted to do something relaxing and fun.  So we packed up our stuff, dropped Cecil off at Camp Bow Wow and were on our way.  We stopped at Torchys for some tacos on our way and about 45 minutes later we were there.  Lake Travis is very much like an upscale Lake of the Ozarks, except with far less water in the lake.  Our suite was nice and we spent the first evening enjoying cocktails, trivia, and dinner in the bar on site.  The next morning we left the resort for brunch at a nearby French bistro.  We enjoyed cappuccino, croque monsieur, and sparkling lemonade in a cute atmosphere.  That afternoon, Mike scheduled us for our first ever massage!  I was in heaven-my body felt so relaxed afterwards.  After massages, we headed out to dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant, where the food was quite delicious.  We came back to the resort for more pumpkin beer and trivia.  We beat the pants off several "regulars" both nights.  The next morning we woke up and enjoyed brunch on site before heading out.  Our weekend was perfect-relaxing, full of great food and drink, and time spent together.  I could definitely see us heading back for another relaxing weekend.