The Sandwich That Tasted Back

I must apologize for the lack of blogs lately.  I have been so busy between working 2 jobs and trying to nap on occasion that we haven't been hitting as many new spots in Austin.  However, in September, it seems like I've had a few Saturdays or at least Saturday nights off to go try new places.  A few weeks ago, was one of those days.  I love sandwiches and when I saw that Adam Richman (of Travel Channels Man vs. Food) was having a show about sandwiches this summer, you can bet I tuned in.  He broke it down into different regions and we cheered on our favorite sandwiches from the various regions, especially when it came to the BLT from Crown Candy in St. Louis and a few from Austin.  One of the sandwiches that made it to the finals was the Seared Beef Tongue Sandwich from the Noble Pig in Austin.  Of course, I was thinking, "Ew, tongue,"  but Mike was feeling more open minded.  So we trekked out to Noble Pig to try some yummy and interesting foods.  Mike was brave and ordered the tongue sandwich and I played it on the safe side ordering the Noble Pig.  The Noble Pig consisted of ham, pulled pork, bacon and provolone.  It was delicious and very filling.  I ate maybe 3/4 of the sandwich before I had to call it quits.  Mike thoroughly enjoyed the beef tongue sandwich.  I actually gave it a chance and tried a bite as well.  It wasn't bad.  If I hadn't known it was tongue, I probably would have added a bit of BBQ sauce, called it brisket, and enjoyed.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get the idea of tongue out of my head so I could only eat the one bite.  It was a tiny, hole in the wall place, that definitely packed a big flavor.  We ate a late lunch at 2:00 and the place was packed, with the majority of its customers taking food to go or enjoying the outdoor patio seating.  There were many appetizing sounding sandwiches on the menu, so we can't wait for a visit back.  Maybe next time we have visitors, we will take them for a sandwich that can taste them back!