That's Amore!

Two weeks ago, I went to the doctor for my back.  I had to go to an urgent care clinic in a part of town we hadn't explored much.  The best part of the experience was that we were near a restaurant we wanted to try.  Even though I was in intense pain, it was a great experience.  The restaurant was Brooklyn Heights Pizza and my husband says its the best pizza we've had so far in Austin.  We each ordered salads and we split the Buffalo Chicken Pizza.  The menu was huge and there were many specialty pizzas as well as more traditional items.  The salads were good sized and tasty.  The pizza was sooo good.  The chicken was fresh and spicy.  The crust was good.  We were very pleased with our meal.  I know that my husband was glad to find a good slice of pizza in this city that seems to be lacking in the pizza and Italian area.  Next time we visit, we'd love to try a more traditional pizza, however, we loved the Buffalo Chicken Pizza.  It was a great end to a stressful day!