It's My Kind of Town

Last Friday, my husband and I finally made it to downtown Austin for a night out-all it took was some out of town guests.  My husband's boss and wife were in town to check out Austin and asked us to meet at Moonshine.  Moonshine was obviously the place to be.  It was very crowded and lots of people were waiting to be seated.  To be fair, it was 7:00 on a Friday.  We waited about 30-45 minutes before we were seated.  Our waited was really cool and explained that we were eating at a one of kind place, which seems to be the norm in Austin.  They are not fans of chains here!  On the table was seasoned popcorn, which was really good.  We ordered drinks and spinach artichoke fondue as an appetizer.  When it came time to order, the boys both got the pork chops, I got a sandwich, and she ordered the jalapeno steak.  The food was amazing and there was so much of it!  I tried a little bit of each of the meals and they were all wonderful.  Even though we were stuffed, we decided to order dessert, splitting bread pudding and a peanut butter mousse pie.  Dessert was amazing too!  I have heard good things about brunch here too, so I am sure we will be back.  Our evening did not end here.  We went to listen to a friend of theirs playing at a bar on 6th St.  The band was decent-kind of country/ Southern Rock.  We listened to the end of their set and decided we needed to move on, as it was about to get full fledged country in the bar.  We walked down 6th St and it was pretty crazy.  They compared it to Beale St in New Orleans.  There were people everywhere and employees were standing outside bars advertising drink specials and why we should visit their bar.  Finally, we settled on an Irish pub as it seemed like a place where we could get a beer and be able to talk.  Overall, we had a great time and hope that maybe they will decide to move to Austin, too.