Irish, French, its all the Same Difference, Right?

So, I've been absent from blogging for a while.  Most of that can be explained by the fact we've been eating out a little less to save money and so that I can fit into my clothes!  Also, we've been enjoying some of our tried and true favorites.  On St. Patrick's Day, we thought about going out for Irish food, as I refuse to make corned beef and cabbage (I remember dreading it as a kid and my mom is a good cook.)  Apparently, Irish options are slim here.  They didn't even have a parade, but to be fair, the town was a little busy with all the SXSW (South by Southwest) stuff going on.  We had just been to Taste of Round Rock, where we tried tons of food from various restaurants in Round Rock and remembered that we liked La Madeleine, a French cafe.  It was a really cute place and was separated into a cafe with baked goods and coffee and then the eating part.  It was sort of like a fancier St. Louis Bread Co.  They had a huge menu consisting of soups, salads, sandwiches, and a few entrees.  To order, you went through the line cafeteria style, got some of you food, paid, and the rest would be brought to you.  We wanted to sample a little bit of everything so we did an option where we got to try a few things.  I ordered the Turkey Bistro sandwich with Caesar salad and pasta salad.  My husband got the Croque Monsieur with the tomato basil soup and homemade potato chips.  It was reasonably priced, as our meal with drinks was under $20 and had good sized portions.  The food was amazing.  I don't like tomato soup, but I loved this soup- it reminded me of pasta sauce.  The sandwiches were delicious and full of melty gooey cheese.  The homemade potato chips were also great.  We were very impressed by La Madeleine and will be returning again for dinner or possibly their brunch.  My only regret is that I didn't know about this place when my sister was here, because it would have met her- "I just need a salad" request.