Houston, We Have a Problem

Ok, not really.  But had I been driving around that day we surely, would have.  Houston traffic/driving is a little bit crazy.  I was feeling really lucky that Jason was driving on our second day of our Sugar Land/Houston trip.  On Sunday, we decided to visit the Galleria area before we headed back.  The Galleria was huge!  It had a ton of shoppes, both traditional mall stores and a lot of high end stores, as well.  Probably, our favorite store that we visited was Dylan's Candy Bar.  It was a huge store full of candy, both classic and custom made candy.  They made chocolate malts and desserts as well.  We loved the chocolate malt and homemade fudge there.  I got a red velvet candy bar to go and it was amazing how much it tasted like red velvet.  We wondered around various shoppes and I will admit with all the high end stores, it was the first time I had ever felt poor at a mall.  We decided we were ready for lunch so we headed to the nearby Pappa's Burgers for lunch.  The burgers were huge, but delicious, as were the fries.  Only Jason was able to finish his burger and none of us ate all our fries.  We were very full after all the food and walked it off while shopping at Nordstrom Rack and Old Navy.  We went back to Ashley and Jason's to pick up our pup and make the way back to Austin.  The ride home was great with a few traffic issues once we were back in Austin, but overall a good trip.  We cant wait to go back and visit again!  Thanks again to our great hosts!  There won't be any posts for a while- we leave Saturday for a long Thanksgiving trip in the Lou, so we hope to see many of you while we are there.  I did help some of my husband's coworkers have a St. Louis food adventure-today I sent Gooey Butter Cookies with him, which were a big hit.  Happy Thanksgiving-enjoy time with your families and if you're crazy like me-enjoy some Black Friday shopping!