Dream Dinners: Buffalo Chicken Cavatappi

Tomorrow I head into Dream Dinners to assemble my October meals, so it seems like a good time to get to work on finishing my blogs for August meals.  Hosting lots of events in September and October, haven’t left me with much time to cook dinner.  Thankfully, Mike enjoys making Dream Dinners meals and I get to have a great home cooked meal when I get home.  One of our favorite new meals was the Buffalo Chicken Cavatappi.  We love anything buffalo flavored, so we had high hopes for this dish.  Mike started by cooking the pasta.  In a skillet, he brought the cream cheese buffal sauce to a boil, whisking it until it was well blended.  He added the chicken, cooking it until it was warmed through.  Finally, he added the sauce to the cooked pasta, tossing it to coat.  Mike did a great job garnishing the pasta with green onions and green, too.  This meal was delicious.  The buffalo sauce had a great flavor and a great creamy texture.  This leftover didn’t sit in our fridge long!  We should have made 2 of these because we don’t know when it will be on the menu again.  I can’t wait to have it again!