Burning Down the Kitchen

Before we left for vacation, I worked really hard to make sure we had eaten all the leftovers and that we didn’t have much food in the house. So, we had to go out to eat and we decided to try a new place in Leander, called Burnt Kitchen.  It had pretty good reviews on Yelp and in the neighborhood Facebook group, so I had pretty high hopes.  It wasn’t too far from us and we almost missed it, as it was tucked in a strip center, not super visible.  We got in and it was interesting.  It was almost warehouse style with very high ceilings and not much insulation.  It was very loud and there were lots of families with small kids that night.  We glanced at the menu, placed our order, and waited for our food to arrive.  Unfortunately, I had a huge headache and the volume was not great for me, so I was pretty eager to eat and leave.  I picked the grilled cheese sandwich, which was good, but weird.  The Texas toast was great, but the cheese was very chewy.  I did enjoy the crispy house chips.  Mike tried the spicy chicken sandwich, which had tons of pickles, so I didn’t try it.  Overall, we were a little underwhelmed by our experience.  I would be willing to give it another chance as I wasn’t really feeling great and their brunch menu sounded pretty tasty.  Overall, I would say 3/5 stars with the hopes of improvement.