Pizza! Pizza!

One day last week, I got a text from Mike, telling me he’d just eaten the best pizza he’d ever had in Austin.  I knew this must be pretty important because while Mike does like all pizza, he is particular about what constitutes as “the best.”  I was a little concerned that this pizza would be someplace downtown or have some other difficulty.  However, Mike found that there was a location of I. Fratelli about 15-20 minutes from our house.   The only downside was that it was delivery or carry out only and we had to go pick it up.  Mike ordered pizza, salad, and breadsticks and the scent was amazing as we drove it back home.  We opened it up right away and I was amazed to taste a little bit of home.  The pizza was St. Louis style with a thin crust, not over sauced, gooey cheese, and plenty of toppings.  It was cut in strips, while not quite St. Louis squares, it was close.  The salad dressing tasted very much like the dressing at Pasta House, red wine vinegar, oil and a whole lot of parmesan cheese.  We ate until we were stuffed.  I’m glad that Mike discovered a new place, I just wish it were a little closer or atleast had tables for a dine in option.  I am sure that we will be back, but it may be a special treat.