Dream Dinners: Pizza Burgers

Another busy day and week make me thankful to have Dream Dinners in my life!  I had work events 3 nights last week, in addition to regular life events that keep me busy.  On Thursday, I made Pizza Burgers.  The original recipe called for making these into sliders, but I got some regular sized buns because I didn’t feel like making sliders this time.  In addition to sliders, I made a salad and some waffle fries.  I started by putting the beef in a mixing bowl with burger seasoning and some herbed marinara. I mixed it well and split the beef into 3 burgers, which I shaped into patties.  I cooked the patties about 6-8 minutes per side.  I heated up the marinara sauce and set the oven to broiler.  Next, I put the buns on a baking sheet, adding a burger, marinara sauce, cheese, and pepperoni.  I broiled the burgers until the cheese melted.  We added the top bun and dinner was served.  These burgers were great!  I loved the flavor of the burger seasoned with marinara and the pretzel bun.  Mike loved all the great pizza flavors.  I love that Dream Dinners constantly comes up with new ways to jazz up burgers!