Dream Dinners: Lemon Feta Turkey Sliders with Rosemary Shoestring Fries

It's been busy at our house.  We hosted our dear friends, Ashley, Jason, Mildred and Ethan for the past week as they waited for their home to have water, power, and access by car.  We spent a lot of time running around and going out for dinner, so I was happy on Thursday to have a Dream Dinners meal left from my August stash.  I had been told that the Lemon Feta Turkey Sliders were yummy so I was eager to try them out.  I started by preheating the oven for the fries and getting them on a baking sheet.  I let them bake about 25 minutes at 425.  While the fries were cooking, I got to work on the sliders.  I heated up my grill pan on the stovetop and got to work.  I placed the turkey mixture in a mixing bowl and combined until well blended.  I carefully folded in the feta cheese and formed the mix into 6 small patties.  I grilled the burgers for about 6-7 minutes on each side.  The burgers fell apart a little bit and definitely stuck to my grill pan, leaving quite a mess for Mike to clean up.  While the burgers and fries were finishing, I toasted the buns in the oven for a few minutes.  Some of the buns got a little over cooked, but they weren't totally burnt.  We topped each burger wit the garlic and chive mayo and were ready to eat.  Everything tasted yummy!  We loved the Rosemary fries with their perfect seasoning and crispness.  The burgers were good too, despite being a pain to cook.  Our overall take away from this meal was that we really liked the fries, but weren't sure if the burgers were worth the hassle.  Ground turkey can be difficult to work with and this meal lived up to those standards.  We would definitely eat the fries again, but are torn on the burgers.  I might try cooking them more like mini meatloaves or broiling them next time instead.