Dream Dinner: Crispy French Onion Chicken with Bacon Ranch Green Beans

Last night's dinner was so yummy!  I mad Crispy French Onion Chicken with Bacon Ranch Green Beans from Dream Dinners and added some rosemary Italian bread and a pumpkin beer.  The meal was simple to make, but packed a big flavor punch.  I started by preheating the oven to 350 and lining a baking sheet with aluminum foil.  I melted the butter/sauce mix in a small saucepan.  I made three small piles of french fried onions on the pan.  I dipped the chicken breasts in the sauce mixture and placed each breast on each pile of onions.  Next, I covered each chicken breast with more french fried onions. I put the chicken in the oven for 25 minutes to bake.  When there was about 10 minutes left on the chicken, I added bacon to a medium skillet and cooked it for a few minutes.  I added in the butter ranch mix and green beans and cooked them about 5 minutes until they had heated up.  Meanwhile, I put my half loaf of rosemary Italian bread in the oven to heat up and poured a couple of brews.  The meal was so tasty!  The green beans had great flavor, but the chicken was amazing.  It was cooked to perfection and the french fried onions made for some of the best breading on a chicken that we've ever tried.  The meal was simple, but super tasty.  I've already been thinking of ways I can duplicate it on my own.  We will definitely choose this meal next time its available on the Dream Dinners menu.