Pin a Day: Easy Arroz Con Pollo

Sunday was a bit of a lazy day.  We got a little bit done in the morning and took a while getting ready to go out for a late lunch.  We weren't really hungry for dinner, but we knew we couldn't skip dinner.  I decided to try this Easy Arroz Con Pollo.   This recipe made plenty of leftovers, but it also allowed us to eat as much or as little as we liked.  I started by cooking some chicken.  While the chicken cooked, I worked on the rest of the recipe.  I heated up some oil in a skillet.  To the heated oil, I added onion, rice, and garlic, cooking about 5 minutes.  Next, I added in chicken broth, tomatoes, cumin, and oregano, cooking it about 20 minutes or until the rice was tender.  Finally, I added in the cooked chicken and peas.  I cooked that for about 5 more minutes.  The results were great.  The meal had a bit of a kick-spice wise, but wasn't too spicy.  We just ate this as is, but it would be great as nachos or tacos.  To make it a little creamier, you could add cheese or sour cream. Adding more chicken broth, this could be a tasty soup, too.  I liked that this meal was healthy, easy, and provided plenty of leftovers for later.  We will definitely have this again-either as is or in a modified version.