Pin a Day: Thai Chicken Salad

This summer, I haven't tried as many new recipes, as we have been enjoying Blue Apron meals.  We have decided that we are done using them after this upcoming week, so I am looking forward to cooking more new meals.  Summer in Texas is super hot and I try to find meals that aren't too hot.  This week, I tried a Thai Chicken Salad.  Mike and I worked together to make this recipe, in a way similar to our Blue Apron meals.  Mike washed and prepped all the produce, while I worked on the chicken and the dressing.  I used olive oil instead of coconut oil and heated that up in a large pan.  To the pan, I added the onion and garlic, cooking it for about 2 minutes.  Next, I added in the chicken, which I decided to cut into bite sized pieces to cook faster.  I cooked the chicken until it was cooked through.  I let the chicken cool, while I made the dressing.  I combined lime juice, fish sauce, red pepper flakes, and ginger.  To that mixture, I wisked in olive oil, forming a dressing.  Mike layered the cabbage with carrots, red peppers,  basil, and cilantro.  I added in the chicken and onion mixture and the dressing, giving it a gentle toss.  We plated the salad and topped it with chopped cashews.  I really liked the salad.  I felt like it had nice flavors and was a cool meal on a hot day.  Mike thought it was okay, so its not something I will likely make all the time.