Pin a Day: Chicken Gyros

The past few days I have been trying to make Chicken Gyros.   On Tuesday, I realized that I need to make the tzatziki sauce and marinate the chicken ahead of time.  Tuesday, we ended up with leftovers and on Wednesday, we went out for a quick bite.  Last night, I got my stuff together and was ready to go.  Yesterday afternoon, I made the tzatziki sauce.  I peeled and deseeded the cucumber and threw it in the food processor.  I pulsed it and added Greek yogurt, garlic, vinegar, lemon juice, salt and pepper. I pulsed it again until it was well mixed.  I poured it into a small bowl, drizzled with olive oil, and put it in the fridge to chill.  Next, I made the marinade for the chicken by mixing together garlic, lemon juice, Greek yogurt, oregano, salt and pepper.  I added in the chicken and let it marinate until dinner.  At dinner time, I had Mike chop a red onion and a Roma tomato.  I heated up a skillet and added my chicken to cook, flipping it every few minutes.  It took forever to cook, but it finally got done.  We assembled our gyros by taking a pita and adding sliced chicken, red onions, tomatoes, and tzatziki sauce.  They turned out really good.  I was a little disappointed by how long it took to cook the chicken, but the results were yummy, so I guess I can't complain too much.  Mike really enjoys Greek food, so I will probably make this again.    Next time,  I will remember to wear my patient pants.